Benefits Of Having A Flameless Lighter

For those who do not know yet know what a flameless lighter is, then know this. It has been called several names over the years. But now that the technologies have been developed and put into the use it has today it is generally known as a plasma beam lighter or electric lighter. You can take your pick here, if you like, but it boils down to the same thing. It is still a flameless lighter. Imagine that? Imagine never having to struggle in gusting winds or pouring rain, trying to light up a cigarette or light up your camp or barbecue fire.

That is the summary. That is the benefit of having a flameless lighter. No flame, no need to worry about wind or rain to prevent you from lighting up your fire. But then again, if you are going to be lighting a camp fire in the pouring rain, then perhaps you should be visiting online spaces that provide you with expert advice on how to maintain your fire well out in the wild. For the time being, you can go to online spaces like Flamelez for more extensive information on the benefits of having such a lighter. You will also be shown how the innovative device works, and you will also be introduced to a few choices on first-time purchases in regard to plasma beam or electric lighters.

In the meantime, let this article continue to wax lyrical, as briefly as possible, on the benefits of having a flameless lighter. The benefits thereof would have to consider use. Most of the time, it will be the regular smoker that will be enjoying the use of a flameless lighter. Consider legislation across the world which restricts smokers so severely that human rights are being brought under the spotlight. In some places of the world, campaigns are in place to ban smoking outright. For the time being, most designated smoking spaces in work and public areas are out of doors.

This means exposure to the elements. It does not, however, mean exposure to extreme weather conditions. To be reasonable, no cigarette smoker in sound mental condition is going to be spending time out in a strong blizzard or in the middle of a hurricane. For the time being, smoking outdoors is still a relatively pleasant experience because a gust of wind and even condensation poses no imposition. There is no flame to be snuffed out. Wind or rain cannot interfere with the lighter's small electric current.


Rustic product designs are available for those users who wish to use the lighters solely for outdoor purposes, as in lighting nighttime campfires or weekend barbecues. The weekend barbecue is still a pleasant experience when the weather is not, let's just say, perfect. A touch of wind does not need to hold up the gathering. The fire is lit and the meat can be placed on the coals in next to no time.